We take care of everything off the field so you can perform to your best on the field.                                                                                                

  • Protection
    After joining Protekt Sports Management you will receive professional advice covering all aspects of your career. By offering a support mechanism designed to bring peace of mind, players remain fully protected throughout their career.
  • Transfers & loans
    All great players should have the opportunity to play at the highest level. Protekt Sports Management negotiates deals for clubs, players and managers at the highest level. Protekt only work with ambitious professionals who are never afraid to challenge themselves.
  • Strength & Conditioning
    Your body is your number one asset, and keeping it strong and healthy will allow you to perform at your very best each and every time. Our optional Sports Performance and Conditioning Programme has been designed from the ground up by leading experts to achieve peak strength and optimum performance from your body.
    A successful player, producing consistently strong performances, is a huge asset that greatly benefits their parent club. We believe that a player’s contribution should always be properly rewarded.
    When considering a new deal it is vitally important to appreciate your market value within the game. Representation by Protekt Sports Management gives you the advantage by providing this up-to-date information. This is crucial when considering any offer put to you during a negotiation.
    Moving club and/or country is a momentous opportunity and Protekt Sports Management excels in making this transition stress-free. Our employees have over 10 years’ experience placing and relocating workers inside the UK and abroad.
    Psychology plays a massive part of the modern game. Knowing you have the edge over your opponent will make you better than your opponent.
    We can provide you with the most competitive PFA car deals and lease agreements. Our company is able to source cars that match any requirement and budget from the manufacturer of your choice.
    When performing at the highest level, professional footballers need the best and most up-to-date sporting equipment. We provide boots, running trainers and other essentials for our players. We have excellent relationships with the leading sports brands.
    We advise and act on behalf of FA registered Intermediaries regarding negotiations, legal matters and endorsement management.
    With Protekt Sports Management all aspects of your legal affairs can be managed and you will be fully protected.
    We consider managing your assets and finances amongst the top priorities off the field. Your banking and investment arrangements will be set up to make your money work hard for you.
    We have developed a wide range of commercial relationships with many elite and luxury brands: we ensure you will always get the best possible deal.